At our Initial Meeting it is important to come prepared, I have listed these items for your assistance:

Being a very good listener, and really enjoying what the bride and groom have in mind in the very beginning of the planning stages, helps to create a positive, supportive and relaxing feel between myself and my couples.

Allowing them to loosen up and sit back together with a smile and often a good laugh as they browse through their options.

Working extensively with a huge array of couples from all walks of life, nationalities and backgrounds, has been the most rewarding career and I often look back fondly and remember ceremonies where we went a little off the normal pathway to craft some very unique moments, plus many more that are in the planning stages now.

Working with such a variety of personalities and desires has equipped me with a special knack towards meeting people’s needs by offering a high-quality service in presentation, professionalism and proposed flexibility.

My Service as a Civil Celebrant in Brisbane

Based in Brisbane, I offer an unrestricted, personalized and friendly celebrant service with a commitment to ensure that your wedding day will turn out a dream come true.

I will dedicate the time to assist you in creating a beautiful, meaningful and heart-felt ceremony that reflects not only who you are as a couple, but most importantly the relationship you have between one another.

And, last but not least, your taste for décor and the beauty of the surrounds that make the day even more special.

Come to me with only ideas and fantasies and let us to work together in order to make these become a reality on your wedding day.

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Being a Brisbane civil celebrant is a job I cherish greatly, as it involves working with people on nothing other than the most important day of their lives.

How can you top that for work? Well, I believe you simply can’t, which is where I get my enthusiasm, drive and excitement from when it comes to dealing with any new couples, no matter the weather.

Everyone deserves the best level of service and it is my pleasure to deliver that.

I relish the entire journey, from the initial meeting and getting to know the couple all the way to finally introducing them as ‘The Newly-Weds’ – it truly is a special job.

So many people often ask me after a ceremony about how long I have known the couple for it seemed like they were personal friends.